Amateur Radio License Map

Use this map to find amateur radio license holders in the USA. Click here for more info.

  • Select the type of input (callsign, gridsquare, zip code or street address) on the left.
  • Enter an appropriate search value on the right.
  • Hit the button.
  • Scroll down see the map.

The selection determines the center of the map.

When the map appears, you can adjust the zoom level and drag the map around. If you're looking at a sparsely populated area, you'll probably need to zoom out.

After two seconds of not moving, it will reload with stations for the new area. You can also click on the gridsquare labels to center tha map on that square. Use the "Show grid labels" checkbox to temporarily remove the gridsquare lines and labels if they get in the way.

Click on a marker to see name and address info.

Enter a callsign.